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Holding the Sun

Today in email, I received one of the most incredibly awesome works of photography I have ever seen, from a poster called Holding the Sun. I liked it so much that I looked for similar images and found some! Here they are.


  1. A link to aerdens_icons would be appreciated but is not necessary.
  2. Please comment if you take; no need to ask.
  3. Please save these to your own webspace; no hotlinking.
  4. Customize as you like.
  5. Be willing to share.
  6. Enjoy!


Holding the Sun

Holding Glory

Holding the Sun


Pinching the Sun

Sonnen Unter Gang


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took "pinching" and "holding the sun"! Soo fun and creative! :D
Yea! I like 'Pinching the Sun' a lot, too; it's sort of minimalist and just plain neat to look at.

I totally agree! Where did you find those images to for the icons: they're awesome!
I went to and used a search string of "holding the sun."

wow, that's a neat string all right! *browses the photos* So cool! :-D Thanks!
Far out! :) I'm glad you like them.

you're welcome! :D
Very cool tiles, Chantal. Glad you liked the pic.
It's such a neat picture! And I'm glad you like the tiles. I love making them and the icons.